DIY PR: Engage the Community

Community: Vital for good PR, marketing, and business success. Also a fantastic TV show. Six seasons and a movie!

The restaurants you go to are the ones your friends review positively on Yelp. The books and video games you read and play are the ones your buddies are playing, and the movies you go to are the ones you and your friends or significant other agree you all have an interest in seeing. Word of mouth is one of, if not the, biggest factors in determining where and how we spend our money. So, how do you get good word of mouth going about your business or product?

Engage your community! It’s not entirely dissimilar to building a relationship with press and media contacts, really. Let’s put down the givens: Any media person knows you ultimately want coverage, and any potential consumer knows you want them to buy what you’re selling. Thing is, who are you more likely to buy from or tell other people about? The company who merely tells you the price, takes your money, and gives you what you paid for — or the person who put in the effort to talk with you, engage your interests, gets to know, and also has a nice product to offer? Read more


DIY PR: Building Relationships and Making Contacts

This weekend I went to a great panel discussion & networking event on using social media for PR. Hosted by Smak and MassChallenge, the panel featured a number of PR and Media panelists — specifically, Kimberley Ring of Ring Communications; Steve Annear of the Boston Metro (he recently wrote an article about T the Musical!); Dave Gerhardt of Constant ContactSanti DeOleo of Jam’n 94.5 (a local Boston station) and Modus Collection Clothing; and moderated by the Smak CEO Matt Hooper — giving advice and talking about some of their experiences on what works and what doesn’t. It was great meeting some more people in PR (among them, Peter Gett of Yodle, Inc.) and getting said advice, and the biggest takeaway for me was how important it is to build relationships. Read more

DIY PR: Social Media

Social media is huge = understatement of the decade. Facebook and Twitter (and Tumblr, though my experience there is just about nil) are huge. They let you reach a potentially limitless audience with remarkable speed and swiftness, regardless of if you’re trying to share a link, an image, a video, what have you. Don’t underestimate social media, and if you’ve got any sense, don’t ignore it!

There are some less immediately obvious social media outlets, though. So I’ll gloss over Facebook & Twitter quickly to get to those. Read more