DIY PR: Shout-outs!

It’s a crazy busy week for me, but I said I’d post once a week on this topic and dammit I plan to! So this week, I’m doing shout-outs to blogs I know and read and think are really cool. “Why? What’s this got to do with PR?” you may ask. And I may point you to topics I’ve discussed at length in the past. Now, without further adieu!

Auston Habershaw. I’ve known Auston since I was a freshman in college — he’s a very creative and fun person, runs and writes fantastic RPGs, and fiction, and blog posts. If you’ve ever gamed, or enjoyed some sci-fi or fantasy, or tried to make it as a writer in any capacity, you’ll enjoy his blogs. Blunt, honest, no hedging his opinions when they may be “unpopular,” and yet insightful and quite enjoyable. I know Auston had his reservations about blogging when he started, but I daresay he’s taken to it quite well.

Diary of a Random Fangirl. After all the mentions I’ve gotten on Cass’s blog, I’m overdue and way behind on my links back to her! Cass and I have gamed together and been occasional creative partners for a number of years now. What I love about her blog posts is how each and every one is clearly crafted with care, well thought-out and well-groomed before it’s posted. Also, she’s got a good schedule going for the posts: Media Mondays, Writing Wednesdays, and Fangirl Fridays.

Domestocrat. Kim is another good friend and a blogger who really takes time and puts in a lot of effort with her posts. And I just love that name, too! From recipes to photography to DIY projects and travel notes, she covers all the topics you imagine a “domestocrat” would. If you’re looking for a tasty meal or party food suggestion, or how to restore a cabinet and give it a great unique look, Kim’s blog is for you.

Gina Damico. Gina, another friend, recently a book as hilarious and fun as her blog! A YA romp through death and rebellious teenagers, Croak is a good read, and if you enjoy her style of writing on her blog, you will highly enjoy her book, too. One of the best parts of this is that since I’ve known Gina since college as well, I can tell you true, she’s exactly like she sounds on her blog. It’s great to be able to read someone’s writing and hear their voice and even see their mannerisms as you do! And she’s often involved in fun giveaways and blog scavenger hunts, so you could get swag out of it!

Gaming as Women. I’m a woman, and I game. And lately I’ve been enjoying getting to read about other women gaming, their ideas and experiences, about the culture, the industry, even the potlucks. Insightful posts, written by a number of contributors, Gaming as Women is a good blog for any gamer to take at least a look at it. (Also, this helps show that no, I don’t only read blogs written by people I know personally! Unfortunately, they don’t have an image in their banner that I could include here.)

PhotoBotos. If you enjoy looking at beautiful photos, covering a range of subjects and styles, this is the place to go. I get a gorgeous image in my email everyday, things that are down right inspiring. I often wonder if the photos are real or not, but they are indeed real. It’s a great way to remind yourself of the huge world out there that you’ve never seen and how truly amazing it all is. For those you who aspire to take such photos yourselves, they also post a lot of product reviews on cameras and editing software.

That’s my shout-out roll for today. Enjoy these blogs, and don’t forget to link to your friends and other blogs or sites you enjoy, too! If you’re holding into something good, other people will want to know about it!


DIY PR: Social Media

Social media is huge = understatement of the decade. Facebook and Twitter (and Tumblr, though my experience there is just about nil) are huge. They let you reach a potentially limitless audience with remarkable speed and swiftness, regardless of if you’re trying to share a link, an image, a video, what have you. Don’t underestimate social media, and if you’ve got any sense, don’t ignore it!

There are some less immediately obvious social media outlets, though. So I’ll gloss over Facebook & Twitter quickly to get to those. Read more

For the Thrill of It

I love this.

The last week has been fantastic. Busy, cramped, a ton to do and a ton going on, but dammit I love it. Everything’s in the moment and happening fast and it’s fantastic.

We launched our Cognition Kickstarter six days ago with a $25,000 goal. Right now we have $14,045 pledged to us already. Already! We have 36 more days yet to go! We’ve been blown away by how fast that number has risen and how high. While we picked our goal amount with care, going for something significant, ambitious, but that we were confident was possible, this has still been an unexpected show of generosity and support that just warms the heart and feels…well, yeah, fantastic!

So, y’know, there’s that. 🙂

On top of that, we’re releasing Episode 4 of The Silver Lining on Sunday and there’s a lot to be done. The game to finalize and polish and test, but that’s not my role. Mine, right now, is Public Relations. And damned if I don’t love it during release week and the weeks that follow. The fast pace, emails flying in and out, talking with press contacts, arranging interviews, doing interviews, answering questions, posting to the websites, it’s thrilling and I’m good at it. And that feels fantastic, too.

If I ever doubt it, times like this reaffirm for me that yes, yes this is what I want to do. Create things, tell a story, put my heart into it, and tell the world about it.