I wrote this review of the indie RPG Monsterhearts last year for The Mental Attic, so it’s about time I reblogged it here! We’ve actually since moved this game to an adapted version of FAE (Fate Accelerated Edition), and I’m hoping to do a review/recap on how that’s been working for us at some point as well. Enjoy!

The Mental Attic

Monsterhearts is an indie Role Playing Game, published by Apocalypse World and created by Avery Mcdaldno (formerly Joe), about the “messy lives of teenage monsters,” in which characters take the roles of supernatural teens in the high school settings, along the lines of TV shows such as Buffy or the Vampire Diaries. If you’ve ever wanted to game in the young adult paranormal romance genre, there’s no better system for diving head-first into it than this one.

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4 thoughts on “Monsterhearts Review

  1. It was awesome to have you write that review and you’re always welcome back, for anything! I’d love to see you take on The Weekly Puzzle sometime 🙂

  2. Thanks! Haha, maybe I’ll try my hand at it at some point. 🙂 I feel like it’s been too long since I played many games. Just too busy lately, and by the end of the day the last thing I want is to be sitting in front of my computer any longer.

  3. Any tips on converting this game to FAE? I feel like my players (at least two of them) are going to love Monsterhearts, but I really have to wonder how much better if would run with Aspects rather than Skins.

  4. If you’re interested in it, I’d say give it a go in its natural state first. It fits best there for what the game aims to be–our problems came when it outlived it’s relatively short run-time and we didn’t want to let go. 🙂

    Conversion was, and sometimes is, a bit rough. The MH system has fairly clear terms for success and failure, and how to move from one to the other. It’s a fast system, really. FAE’s main aspect is that it’s based on negotiation, so rolls and results aren’t quickly cut & dry like they are in MH, and target numbers can often be subjective. Conversely, your NPCs have a lot more agency in FAE over MH.

    So, it can be done, but it’s far from one to one. Aspects are really cool, but again, for your first time trying it out, give the native setting and rules a try. They’re easy to learn and the game really does compel itself forward with drama very easily.

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