An article from Kotaku talks about Double Fine’s Kickstarter (which ended at over $3 million), and now the new already-over-$1 million Kickstarter to make Wasteland 2 happen (a sequel to a 1980’s RPG), may already be changing the business. The rumor is that Obsidian, who floated some ideas about possibly going to Kickstarter with some ideas of their own, may have lost a deal with Microsoft because of it.

Per the article, it’s all speculation — meaning, this may entirely not be the case. But the idea is an intriguing one, isn’t it? That a publisher may have pulled their backing for the mere possibility of a studio saying “Screw it, we don’t need you guys”? Gets you a little fired up inside, doesn’t it?

I love the idea that it might be true. I love what it represents, even if it’s not fact, in the end. Because the little guy has a voice and has power. But then, I’ve already gone on about that. Still — it’s an exciting time to be coming into the industry.


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