My friend John Perich has just released his first novel, Too Close to Miss! It’s a damn bargain at just under $1 for Kindle & Nook e-readers. I’ve been reading it in the last few days and I’m quite enjoying it. The summary, in Perich’s own words:

Mara Cunningham knew that sleeping with a married man was a bad idea. But when her lover shows up in the hospital after his wife and son are murdered, the rumors about her turn dangerous. Now she’s the prime suspect in a double homicide, and the real killers will stop at nothing to silence her. Mara’s race against time takes her from the dense heart of Boston to the dark woods of New Hampshire, from gritty streets to the halls of power. Before she’s through, she’ll learn just which of her friends she can trust – and she’ll stare death in the face.

Well-written, great descriptions and characterization of Boston, good suspense, and as a fellow student of jiu jitsu with Sensei Perich, I’ve also had fun recognizing some moves from class in there, too!

So if there’s even a slight chance you may enjoy a story like this, I recommend buying it. Support a talented independent writer, going the self-publishing route, and get some good reading out of it, too, all at a great deal.

And congratulations to you, Perich!


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