Though I’m no techie, I’m not bad with technology either. I’m usually fairly aware of what’s going on at least relatively soon after it’s gone on. I learn programs pretty quickly when I can get my hands on and a bit of guidance. I’m confident that I will not need to call my future-kids to remember what my password is (to her credit, mom has gotten much better!).

So my technology fails of late have been rather humbling indeed.

First I tried to update myself from my iPhone 3G. I’ve loved it, but I’ve had it for over two years and it’s time to get a new phone. As the 3G is the forgotten child of the iPhone line who no longer gets praise or treats and glowers at his older brothers 3GS and 4 with great jealousy, apps crash or move with remarkable sloth, and forget ever trying to use the GoogleMaps app and get directions to where you’re going before you actually get there. I was wary of getting another iPhone for two reasons. One, an OS upgrade about 6 months after I got my 3G left it slow as hell, and this was never fixed. Two, a new model is out soon, meaning the 4 may get the same treatment, and the new one will be pricier. So I decided it was time to try a Droid, and so I did. An HTC Inspire 4G was mine.

Don't be fooled, it's programmed with trickery and maniacal laughter.

I hated it.

My contacts were either never ported over or were erased when I did an update, leaving me with the contact info still somewhere on the phone–God knows where!–and my only choice being to use my gmail contacts to make a list of names instead. Meaning I had a list of contacts over 1000 people long of everyone I’d ever emailed. Useless!

Additionally, while I first thought the syncing to my google account was very useful, I was quickly proven wrong, first by the contacts debacle, and then by how it dinged everytime I got an email. No matter what. And damned if I could figure out how to simply close an app so it wouldn’t do that.

Gone was my email that only checked and updated itself when I actually open the app and asked it to! Gone was the simple flip of a little switch to silence the phone! Gone was the nicely sized piece of technology that fit in my hand! Gone was a phone charge that could last more than 36 hours!

So two weeks later, I brought the damn thing back and got my 3G hooked up again. I’m so sorry I left you, darling. But I have to admit I’ve got my eye on your new baby brother 4S now.

The real kicker there is that I’m not an Apple person. You know the type–they love all things Apple, must have the newest, shiniest awesomest Apple products, in multiple colors, and sing the praises of the brand every second of the day. My iPhone and iPod are great, and I really like them. But I hate Macs, and this is coming from years of using one every day, so don’t think I’ve got an uneducated opinion on them (or that you can change my mind; you can’t). Yet here I am, a fogey who wants her old phone back and who doesn’t remotely like the competition’s phone set-up at all. Sigh…I never thought this would be me!

Then there’s the computer problems. I’ve been wanting to get a new one recently–my latest Dell (her name’s Athena) has been around for about 4 years now, I’m running out of room on it, it was, again, getting to that point. But when I started looking, I realized I had no idea what was good, what was the latest technology, what amount of Memory was too low and what was too much, how fast my processor should be, any of it!

A blank black screen is still better than this, however!

Then this past weekend, Athena’s screen started to give out, not always showing what it should be when I turned her on, just a black blankness and the sense there somewhere in there, a cursor was waiting for my password. So the time of buying had to be now.

After research and hemming and hawing, I finally purchased a new Asus computer last night. It’s not the prettiest thing, but I’ve heard I can make it pretty with some nice decals.And it’s pretty nicely jumped up with some good tech from what I’ve heard and read, so I think I’ll be happy with my new Asus for some time to come. The real question now, of course, is what do I name the new lappy?

I’m fairly certain, in the end, that I’m not a technology fogey just yet. I was able to learn, adapt, and in one case opted for the familiar as a stop-gap, while in the other case I found something I’m confident will work for me and bring my computing to the next level. But I may make a better effort to stay on top of what the updates in the tech world are between now and my next big purchase.


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